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The Art of Reagan Word 

 Reagan Word is our featured artist. Mr. Word creates paintings, sculptures and illustrations. His watercolor paintings are painted with a drybrush technique and are rich in detail. Many of his paintings of wildlife and western scenes have been reproduced as limited edition prints.

Sculpture is another area of interest for Mr. Word. Also accomplished in this medium, he has reproduced his clay originals in bronze and ceramic. In his wildlife and figurative work he captures with a sensitive eye and hand the spiritual essence of his subjects. 

Reagan Word has illustrated 4 children's books where his drawings and paintings are well designed, creative and often humorous. 

Reagan's background in architectural illustration and design is a foundation for his accomplishments in painting, sculpting, and illustration. 

He has been truly blessed with a multi-faceted talent and ability. His life is charged with purpose to share with others the moments of inspiration he finds in the world around him. We hope that you enjoy viewing the pages featured here and celebrate with us Reagan Word's 35th year as a professional artist.

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