THE OPEN GATE by Reagan Word



sedona roundabout sculpture




November 16, 2015

installing the Open Gate, roundabout sculpture

The Open Gatebeing installed

Artist’s Statement by Reagan Word

Why the gate?

The Tlaquepaque Bridge has historically been the gateway into Sedona. The gate motif is
a welcoming transition between our spectacular eight mile scenic highway and central Sedona.

Why the heron?

For years, 30 of them now, my family and I have enjoyed seeing a Great Blue Heron peacefully wading in the creek north of the old bridge or flying above the trees. Missing glimpses of him and the creek from the new bridge made me want to feature a creek side atmosphere in the roundabout. I tried almost every animal indigenous to this area to be a part of the gate design. But, the Great Blue Heron just had to be the attendant at the gate.

The symbols for the gate?

My research revealed that the apple tree, a symbol of antiquity, and its apples, the fruit of creativity were natural choices. The red rocks, symbolizing beauty were a given. The bear, courage, (the negative space below the apple tree branches) showed up unexpectedly as I worked to refine the red rocks. The more I tried to edit him out, the more he seemed to belong.  The gate attendant, the heron, was discovered to symbolize the quest for our unique purpose in life.

Together, what are these symbols saying?

The timeless beauty of Sedona has inspired in many the courage to pursue their life’s calling, the fruit of which has been a blessing to our community and the world.  Searching for our personal expression in life, regardless of our ethnic or cultural background is the hallmark of Sedona. Both residents and visitors all share the common denominator of its spirit and the inspiring beauty of its natural wonders.  Sedona is diverse in its paths and

broad in its views. May all who journey here find an open gate.

Reagan Word

herona at the roundabout sedona...Sedona Roundabout sculpture by Reagan Word

Bruce Jackson and crew working on the concrete footing for the Open Gate. Final clay heron now being cast at Sedona Bronze.

Roundabout Art, Sedona Az

Final Steel Gate at Metal Pro, Phoenix, AZ. before patina. Reagan holding maquette.

sedona roundabout art

Landscape Beginnings


Exceptional photo by Tom Kelly, long time friend and photographer. Check out his wonderful landscapes at

heron roundabout sculpture

Ted Grussing, photographer and friend, took this amazing photo at the ponds in Page Springs near Oak Creek.

To view more of his beautiful work visit


roundabout art ..Reagan Word Sculpture

Tlaquepaque Bridge



Sedona Roundabout Art

THE OPEN GATE --Available at the Goldenstein Gallery,

Sedona , Arizona




Music by Gary Morton


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